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Museums of the Staritsa region as a storehouse of cultural heritage

The program purpose: popularization of the land history with the aid of a wide access of the population to the museums fund – museum objects and museum collections which are important both for the land history and its culture and which are stored in the museum institutions of the Tver city and the Staritsa region.


Rebirth of the temples of the Staritsa region

The program purpose: safekeeping of the orthodox monuments for religious purposes of the Staritsa region.


The Staritsa Archives as a storehouse of the land’s history

The program purpose: study of the land’s history with the aid of a wide access of the population to the Archives fund – the documents which are stored in the archival institutions of the Tver city and the Staritsa region.


Libraries of the Staritsa region: to preserve and multiply

The program purpose: preservation and replenishment of the libraries fund – books and documents which have a scientific, artistic, and historical value including especially significant editions and collections related to the historical and cultural monuments of the Staritsa land.


The Library of the “Staritsa” Foundation

The Foundation performs a charitable program called “The Library of the “Staritsa” Foundation”: publication of a printed matter which has a scientific, artistic, and historical value.


The Staritsa caves: an underground museum

The program purpose: studying and preservation of the Staritsa caves as a natural object which has a special nature conservation, scientific, historical and cultural, and esthetic value and which includes a unique vegetation, animals, both other organisms and their genetic fund; transformation of the natural object into historical and speleological culture preserve accompanied by constant scientific monitoring of the caves state and by public access to them.



The Foundation allots grants to regional specialists, historians, and scientists effecting a research or propagandistic activity in the field of the Staritsa land history and preservation of its cultural heritage. Any organizations or private persons may apply to the Foundation with the application for a grant reception to implement a charitable program.


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